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List Permissions
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There can be any combination you wish.

  1. Board Access: Entire board member. This gives them access to view programs, registrations, membership. Ability to roster teams. Ability to send communication to the membership and registration lists.

  2. Webmaster: Reserved for only the people who will be setting up registrations, posting news or creating pages in the navigation. You really don't want too many people with the ability to set up programs as it can get really messy when people start tinkering.

  3. Treasurer: Gives access to financial reporting and the ability to make changes to payment plans, charge parents, give refunds. Obviously you want to limit the access to this functionality as well.

  4. Scheduler: Access to the club scheduling utility. We highly recommend to only give this access to the necessary people. The last thing you want is people going in and tinkering with the schedule to their benefit.

  5. FULL ADMIN: All permissions.

If you have users who need to be granted access, please share those with Users must have an account created before access can be added.

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