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Understanding Your Finances Tab
Understanding Your Finances Tab

This article walks through the Finances Tab on the Crossbar Dashboard, which is designed to make all your finances a breeze.

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To utilize the Finances Tab on your Crossbar site, ensure you are logged into your club's site and navigate to your Dashboard, then the Finances tab. If you do not have access to the Finances tab and believe you need access, please reach out to us at so we can set up your account.

Once on the Finances tab, you’ll be able to view a summary of your paid, pending and past due totals. Scrolling on this page will also allow you to view the income your club has made by specific program. When viewing a specific program, you can select Details icon to get more information on the specific players and families who have made payments for this program

At the top of the Summary page, you’ll see tabs for Deposit Reports and Transaction Reports. Deposit Reports are generated each time dollars are deposited into your account, and those reports provide detail on which players and programs the dollars in each deposit total come from. The Transaction Reports allows you to pull reports by Deposited or Processed transactions within a time frame you determine. These reports are exportable and are built to be easily upload-able to your club’s accounting platform.

At the top of the Finances Dashboard, you’ll also see a tab for Donations - this page links to your club’s personalized donations dashboard where you can directly intake donations or sponsorships from your community. This page is pre-filled with donation amounts, including an option for donators to choose the specific amount they'd like to donate, but if you’d like to change the pre-filled amounts listed, please reach out to us at with the new totals you’d like to show, and we’ll make that change for you.

In addition to your Finances tab, the Registrations Tab will also show payment details for your specific player registrations. From the Registrations tab, you’ll choose the Program you’d like to review and select the “Sign Ups” tab under the Season Menu. Here you’ll see a Registration Report that includes all pertinent information about that player’s registration. Again, clicking the Details icon to the left of each player will enable you to go to that player’s profile to view, edit or cancel upcoming installment payments, create/edit future installments or charges, refund payments or log offline payments:

You can also navigate to specific player registrations from the Finances tab by clicking the Details icon that shows on both Program summaries, as well as Transaction or Deposit Reports.

From the Registration page, you’ll also have the ability to Bulk Charge any player(s) from your Season/Program registration. From the Registration report, you’ll be able to Filter the report to select any subgroup of players from the report, and you’ll view the option at the top right of the page to “Bulk Charge” that group; selecting “Bulk Charge” will allow you to choose the installment amount and the date of the installment. Once added, those families will get a notification about a future payment added to their account.

For more on your Finances Tab or to schedule 1-1 training for your club, reach out to us at!

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