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League Scheduling

Get the need-to-know information on how to create a schedule for your league!

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Scheduling your league for a regular season or playoffs is simple within the League in your Crossbar Dashboard.

To get started, you'll create a subseason under the "Subseasons" section of your League season:

When creating your Subseason, you'll be asked to choose a few options:

  • First, you'll set the name (like "Regular Season") and start & end dates of the subseason.

  • Next, you'll be asked to choose the style, whether Round Robin (used for regular season or pool play) or Bracket (used for playoffs).

  • You'll choose if you'd like to reassign team divisions or keep them as-is from your Teams.

  • Then you'll choose how games are scheduled - you can choose either League Staff (if only admins on the site will be adding games) or Team Staff (if team staff can schedule league games within the site). If you choose Team Staff, you can choose to enable or disable that function, if your league allows teams to only schedule for a portion of the year.

  • And lastly, you'll choose whether or not to allow team staff to score games, and if Scoresheets are required when scoring those games.

Once you have your Subseason created, you'll be able to schedule your league games using the Schedule icon on the Subseason

  • You will be able to add games or upload the full league schedule that will show on team pages. Important Note: The template to upload within a subseason is similar, but slightly different than the Upload to the Scheduler found under the central Dashboard. Please note that it is important to schedule the League season under the Subseason to ensure games show correctly on League Team schedules.

  • Once your Subseason is enabled and scheduled, your teams will be see the games on their team pages and, depending on the settings of each Subseason, either administrators or Team Staff can enter scores after each game is complete.

For more information or if you have questions while setting up your league schedule, please reach out to us at, and we'd be happy to answer any questions or speak live to ensure you can set up your league successfully.

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