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Non-League Events
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If your Team-based League requires Team Staff to add non-league events to their schedule on the site, this page discusses how to enable this option.

Historically, by team staff on a League setup, games could only be scheduled against existing teams within their League. A League administrator now has the option to allow non-league scheduling. To set this up, under the League Settings, choose "Yes" to "Enable Non-League Events."

Once enabled, coaches will see these options on their Team Page on the League Staff to add either a League Game or an Other Game or Event:

When choosing an Other Game or Event, they'll see these fields:

When choosing League Games, they'll choose the Opponent and Location from the league teams and Facilities:

For questions about how your league should operate, please reach out to us at and we're happy to help!

Please note:

  • This is available for Leagues that are team-registration based. Player-registration league teams can use the typical +event or Scheduler in the Dashboard to add events to their calendar.

  • These non-league games will not be included in the Standings for the League/Division for that team.

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