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Player Registration League Set Up
Player Registration League Set Up
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Our Player Registration League option is perfect for setting up your In-House League to accept player registrations, roster & create teams, and schedule your League Teams for both regular season play and playoffs.

Step 1: Setup New League

  • From your Dashboard and Registrations, select +New Registration, then you'll choose Athletes > House League:

Just as you would with a new Program, complete the setup to adjust your League Settings, to add Volunteer positions or Player positions and to create Registration Questions and Upsell Opportunities for players going through registration.

Step 2: Create a Season under your new League

  • Select “+Season” from your League setup and fill out the Settings for your Season.

  • Next, you'll set up the Divisions that will be a part of the League

    • Divisions are a combination of Skill Level and Age Level

    • If you do not see Skill Level as an option on the site, please reach out to us at with the Skill Levels that should be added, and we’re happy to enable those.

    • You can enable multiple divisions per age level, and if you prefer not to list the Skill Level as part of your League's Divisions, you can enter the Division Name so it is neutral of Skill Level. Here's a view at what you'll see when you create a new Division:

  • Next, you’ll set up your Prices, which can be specific to player ages or positions and include our Custom Pricing or Discount Code features.

  • Once your settings are correct, your Divisions are set up, and your Prices are set up, Players can begin to register for the League.

    Note: If you create your League Prices before setting up Divisions, you'll need to go back into your Prices to ensure they are setup for either all divisions or specific to each division.

Step 3: Create & Roster Your Teams

  • Once your players are registered, you can create Teams under the Teams tab of your League and begin to Roster your players to those Teams.

  • As you set up Teams, you'll be able to assign the Division of that team; this is helpful to do before moving onto step 4.

Step 4: Configure Your Subseasons

  • Subseasons are the key to scheduling your League teams and viewing the results throughout the season.

  • Adding a new Subseason will enable you to choose from Round Robin or Bracket style Subseasons; Leagues allow for multiple Subseasons, so you could set up the Round Robin Subseason for your regular season play and use the Bracket Subseason if your teams do an end of season playoff round or tournament.

    • For a Round Robin Subseason, you’ll be able to view or adjust the Division breakdown by team. Once teams begin to play, you’ll also be able to add scores for each completed game.

    • For a Bracket Subseason, you will create a new Bracket, where you’ll select the bracket setup, assign game times, and view the Seeding for your Bracket Subseason. The Seeds can be pulled from a prior Round Robin round or can be adjusted manually.

Step 5: Schedule Your League Teams

  • Once you have your Subseason created, you'll be able to schedule your league games using the Schedule icon on the Subseason

  • You will be able to add games or upload the full league schedule that will show on team pages. Important Note: The template to upload within a subseason is similar, but slightly different than the Upload to the Scheduler found under the central Dashboard. Please note that it is important to schedule the League season under the Subseason to ensure games show correctly on League Team schedules.

  • Once your Subseason is enabled and scheduled, your teams will be see the games on their team pages and, depending on the settings of each Subseason, either administrators or Team Staff can enter scores after each game is complete.

For more information or if you have questions while setting up your league, please reach out to us at, and we'd be happy to answer any questions or speak live to ensure you can set up your league successfully.

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