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Creating a Single Session Registration
Creating a Single Session Registration
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You now have the ability to accept registrations for a single event through the Crossbar Registration System! This update is designed specifically for drop-in events, single lesson or session registrations and more. Here are the steps to create the Registration:

When selecting + New Registration from your Registration Dashboard, you'll select Athletes:

Then, you'll select Individual Class, Lesson or Session:

Next, you'll create the Program Name and choose Settings:

Then you'll add the new season to the Program. This Season can be a specific date range when the events will be occurring or a wider date range if, for example, you'll have different Skills or Lesson sessions that folks can register for throughout the year.

As with other Registrations, you can create specific registration questions and ask for a player position in the registration process. The position is particularly helpful if you have different prices for different positions.

Once you have the Program and Season set up, you'll want to first navigate to the Teams section. Here is where you'll create the group of registrants, so if you have a coach offering lessons, you can add a team "Coach Smith" for example. Or, here you could also add teams like "Skills Session" or "Private Lessons." This will be the Group/Team that displays for registrants on their schedule once they have signed up.

Next, you'll navigate to the Prices section for the Season. Here, you'll add a Standard Price for the cost of the registration. You'll have the option to select for which Teams/Groups the Price is eligible, so if you have Private Lessons with different coaches or different session types with different costs, you can customize the price for each.

When creating these Prices, you can also enable Position and Age Limits, as well as determine how many times the price can be used per session. For example, if you have 4 spots for each Private Lesson session, you'll set the Usage Limit for the price to 4. This allows 4 players to register for each lesson or session.

Once you have the Teams and Prices set up, you'll navigate to your Scheduler in your Dashboard. Here, you'll enter the Schedule for the Teams you just created. For more on scheduling, check out the information here!

Once the Teams for the Registration are scheduled, you'll see the Schedule in the Schedule section of that Season under the Registration Dashboard:

When folks register for the sessions, they'll be able to choose which sessions they are signing up for and their total will calculate based on how many they choose:

Once registered, that family will have these events on their Family Calendar, and they'll be able to view those events on the Team Page for the Registration:

When sharing the registration with your organization, you can share a Program Page, similar to what you likely have for your other Program Registrations, or you can share the Team Page for the Session Registration. As shown above, this allows members to select the Register button for the session they'd like to join and will automatically begin taking them through the registration process from there.

For questions, please reach out to us at, and we're happy to help!

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