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Invoicing allows you to create, send and manage payments from customers directly through your Crossbar site!

To create an Invoice, you'll first navigate to your Customers Dashboard, where you can create and manage the Customers eligible to receive an invoice. Here, you can add group or individual information, and contact info, as well as send an invite for the main point of contact of that group to create an account where they can pay the invoices. For Facility Managers, you can also create a custom rate or tax rate for that Customer.

Then, you can head to the Finances Dashboard, where you can choose the "Invoices" tab. This allows you to create an invoice for the amount due & you can adjust the due date, add notes, view the subtotal, add a discount, view the tax rate, and add terms of payment. For facilities, you can also choose the Bookings by Customer under the Facilities tab, where you can quickly create an invoice for all or specific bookings by that customer.

Your customers will be able to view and pay their invoices on the site under the Billing section of their account:

Once the invoice is created, you'll be able to send that invoice directly to your Customer if they've been added as a Contact or download the Invoice PDF directly. You can also now manage your Invoices under the Finances tab, where you can also update the status of the invoice to paid, if your customer pays offline.

For more information or help setting up invoices, please reach out to us at!

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