4.26.2023 - Private Pages, Player Credits & More!

We have a number of exciting updates in our latest update!

Private Pages 

You now have the ability to create content only available for select audiences on the website. For example, you can create a Board Member Manual and allow it to only be visible to Board Members. Find out more about how to create this here!

Player Credits

Administrators are now able to issue player credits for players on the site. If you have cases where players are granted, for example, a $20 credit for extra volunteer hours served the prior season, you can add that credit to a player account, so it is an option to be used on future registrations to discount the total due for that registration. Learn more about this setup here!

Updates to Forms

Our Forms registration now utilizes reCaptcha to check for bots submitting when a Form is eligible for non-logged-in submissions. 

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