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Signing Up Members for Shifts
Signing Up Members for Shifts
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Once you have created a Volunteer Session and you are ready to have members sign up for their shifts, here is a quick walkthrough of how they will access the shifts that are available.

When logged in on your organization's website, navigate to your Account, where the following menu will display:

From here, choose "Volunteer" where a page with all the available volunteer sessions will display. Members will also see a summary at the top of the page, showing their status of required, completed and committed hours that they have signed up for:

To sign up for a shift, choose "More Information" on the specific session to jump into the session and available volunteer shifts:

On the shift you'd like to sign up for, choose the Green + icon:

This will allow you to choose which user in your account you would like to assign:

And once assigned, that shift will display the selected user's name to confirm the shift is reserved. To cancel your assignment to that shift, you can choose the Red - icon:

If you are within the window of time set by the organization where you are unable to cancel your shift assignment, you'll see a lock icon instead, indicating that you'll need to get in touch with your organization's contacts to be removed from the shift:

For questions about this, please drop us a chat on this page, or email us at

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