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Adding Teams to Site Navigation
Adding Teams to Site Navigation
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When you have teams that are configured properly to show in the navigation, TEAMS will automatically show up in the navigation. Our recommendation is to list only Teams in this section and not Groups, such as a Learn-to-Play group. The primary reason for this is that you should encourage your parents to use 'My Calendar' to view and sync their schedule, so parents with a child in a group will not likely need to access the group page at all. The other reason for this is that the Teams navigation is organized based on Age Levels (i.e. 8U, 10U, etc.).

For teams to show up in the navigation, the following items are required:

  1. When adding/editing a team, an Age Level must be selected. If there are no Age Levels to select, you can add those at the Season Level.

  2. When adding/editing a team, "Show in Navigation?" must be checked

  3. When viewing the list of Teams, the toggle switch next to the team name must be green.

  4. When adding/edit a season, "Show Teams in Navigation" must be set to "Yes". When you are ready to remove all teams from a season from the navigation, you can accomplish that by simply editing the Season and setting "Show Teams in Navigation" to "No".

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