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Importing Players to Members
Importing Players to Members
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On your Crossbar site, you have the ability to import players directly into your Members tab.

Important Note: We do recommend asking your families to create their players in order to register those players, however importing players takes one step away from your families in that process. It is important to ensure that you import clean player data to avoid duplicates and errors with your players.

To do this import, you'll navigate to your Dashboard > Members, where you can choose the Import option:

Once on the Import page, there is a template to download. This would be the format to ensure you have your player data to successfully import those records to the site.

Once imported, you'll see those players listed in your Members tab; when families come to the site to create an account, as long as they sign up with the same email account you have associated with the player on the import, their account will match to that player and pre-fill with that player data.

For questions, please reach out to us at!

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