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Emailing Your Teams & Members
Emailing Your Teams & Members
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Those with Board Member access on the website are able to email the full organization membership in a couple of different ways.

1. Navigate to the Dashboard > Members

Here, you're able to filter to various age groups, coach types, seasons, teams, etc. to run reports and email various subsets of your membership:

2. Navigate to the Dashboard > Registrations and choose the Sign Ups section of a Registration Season.

Here you can similarly filter to different age levels, teams, registration question answers, etc. to email those subsets of folks.:

Once you have filtered to a set you'd like to email, you'll be able to choose a prior email to begin with as a template or you can start from a blank email. In our Email Builder, you're able to customize the display and content of the email using the same functionality found on our Page Builder (more info on that here).

After you complete the email, you can send yourself a test, or enter your subject and review the recipient list.

TIP: Upon sending, all Board Member admins will receive a copy of the communication, and you can check to confirm receipt from specific users on their User profile. Find more info on checking that here!

TIP: For coaches, they can use the Team Feed that displays on their team page or the Roster page of their mobile app to email their whole team. Find out more information about that here!

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