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Utilizing the Bulk Charge Feature
Utilizing the Bulk Charge Feature
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The Bulk Charge feature allows you to add new installments or payments to a group or all of your players within a registration.

To utilize the feature, you'll start by going to your Dashboard > Registrations > Sign Ups for the Season where you'd like to create a new charge:

Here you can either directly choose Bulk Charge, or first Filter your Sign Ups to charge a specific team, age level or other subgroup within your Sign Ups:

Once you have the group selected that you'd like to charge, you'll select Bulk Charge, which will bring you to a view where you can enter the Date for the installment, Installment Amount, and Note about what the charge is for. You'll also have the ability to select specific player(s) to remove from having the charge added to their account, if there are any exclusions:

Once added to the accounts, the user would receive a notification that the new installment has been added to their account. The installments will be automatically charged to the user's payment method on file on the date scheduled.

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