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Registering Your Teams in a Club League
Registering Your Teams in a Club League
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Gaining Access

Registration in a youth league website powered by Crossbar requires being invited as a club administer by a representative of the league. If you have not received that invitation, please contact your league before attempting to register.

Accepting Invitation

Once you receive your invitation, simply click on the link in the league. If you already have a Crossbar account with another organization, log in with your existing account. If not, create and verify a new account. Once you log in, accept the invitation.

Registering Your Teams

  1. Log into your league website.

  2. Click Account at the top of the page.

  3. Click on Teams

  4. Click on Register

  5. Select the appropriate league. If there are not any leagues listed, then registration for the league is not open or your club is not eligible for the leagues with the open registration. Contact your league for assistance.

  6. Select the appropriate division.

  7. If your club's website is powered by Crossbar, at this time you will be presented with a list of your active teams. Selecting a team here will sync team staff and league games between your league and club websites. If a team is missing, return to your club's website and add the team. Once completed, return to the league website and refresh the page. If the team is already created but still is not showing, make sure that the season's end date is set correctly.

  8. Enter your team details. Make sure the team display name you enter follows the league's naming standards. For non-Crossbar clubs you can enter Coach and Team Manager information here if determined. If not, it can be added later.

  9. Continue through the registration process. Once completed, click Register Another Team to add your next team. Repeat these steps until all of your teams are registered.

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