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Tournament Management
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We’re excited to offer complete Tournament functionality for you to host in-club or league-wide tournaments directly from your Crossbar site. The Tournament functionality allows you to accept team registrations, set the schedule, seed your bracket, and manage & communicate with your tournament teams. Check out more below, but reach out if you have any additional questions!

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Step 1: Setup New Tournament Series

  • From your Dashboard and Registration page, select Tournament and “+ New Series”

  • Just as you would with a new Program, complete the Tournament Series setup blocks left to right to adjust your Tournament page, add Registration questions for Teams, and add any Tournament Upsells.

Step 2: Create a New Tournament under your Tournament Series

  • Select “+Tourney” from your Tournament Series Menu, and fill out the Settings for your new Tournament.

  • Setup the Divisions that will be a part of the Tournament

    • Divisions are a combination of Skill Level and Age Level

    • If you do not see Skill Level as an option, please reach out to us with the Skill Levels that should be added, and we’re happy to enable those.

  • Next, you’ll set up your Prices, which can be specific to each Division and include our Custom Pricing or Discount Code features.

  • Once your settings are correct, your Divisions are set up, and your Prices are set up, Teams can begin to register for the Tournament.

Step 3: Configure Your Subseasons

  • Adding a new Subseason will enable you to choose from Round Robin or Bracket style Subseasons; Tournaments allow for multiple Subseasons, so you could set up the Round Robin portion of the Tournament and use the Bracket Subseason for the Playoff Portion.

  • After adding the new Subseasons, you’ll be able to adjust the settings and view or upload the schedule for the Subseasons. When teams are registered, this will also be where you assign those teams to Games on the Schedule.

  • For a Round Robin Subseason, you’ll be able to view or adjust the Division breakdown by team

    • Once teams begin to play, you’ll also be able to add scores for each completed game.

  • For a Bracket Subseason, you will create a new Bracket, where you’ll select the bracket setup, assign game times, and view the Seeding for your Bracket Subseason. The Seeds can be pulled from a prior Round Robin round or can be adjusted manually.

Step 4: Complete your Tournament

  • Once your teams have registered, been assigned to Games, and started to play, you’ll be able to manage the score entry and any reschedule requests from teams under your Subseasons, as well as communicate with all registered teams directly from your Registration page.

  • Additionally, once you have the Subseasons enabled, you'll be able to view the Schedule & Results.

If you have additional questions not answered on this page, please reach out, and we’re happy to help. You can also view our FAQ’s here for more information:

FAQ's on Tournaments:

  • Can I accept team registrations through Crossbar?

    • Yes, once you set a price for your tournament, Teams can register for the tournament from your Crossbar site.

  • I don’t see “Tournaments” on my website menu even though I've added a Tournament.

    • Reach out to us at the small chat box on the bottom right of your screen or email us at and we can get that quickly added.

  • I can’t set up my Divisions because I don’t have skill levels - how can I enable those?

    • Send the skill levels that need to be added to the small chat box on the bottom right of your screen or email us at and we can get those enabled.

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