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Setting Up a Program Registration
Setting Up a Program Registration
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Creating a Program Registration is ideal for accepting player or individual registrations on Crossbar. Here's a video and written step-by-step guide to creating a new Program and utilizing the options for customization.

Step 1: Navigate to the Dashboard > Registrations

Step 2: Under the "Dashboard" tab, click on "Registrations" on the left-hand side of the screen and choose +New Registration. When going through the Registration Wizard, this would be for Athletes in a Full Season, Tryout or Camp.

Step 3: Name your program and add program details

  • Enter the name of your program and provide details about your program.

  • Choose whether you'd like your Program to show in the Program tab of the site navigation.

  • Enter your Program's refund policy.

  • Save.

Step 4: Navigate through program options to complete setup, including:

Settings - Adjust all of the details about the program that you added when you created it, including the refund policy, the Program displaying in the Programs tab, etc.

Edit - Customize the information displayed to your community and members about the program. We start you with a few template examples of information you may want to include, but you have full control over what shows on this page for your community to see:

Volunteers - Add specific volunteer roles or needs that you can ask parents to raise their hand for at registration. This will show as a series of checkboxes for parents to indicate which role(s) they're interested in volunteering for, and will set you up with a list of potential volunteers from the registration report, where sending them a quick email about the next steps is a couple clicks away.

Positions - Collect player position information at registration (not required).

Questions - Add any questions you'd like to ask during registration. Crossbar will automatically collect the Player's Name, Birthdate & Home Address, and the Parent's Name, Email & Phone Number. If you need to collect additional information from registrants, Questions are the perfect place to do so!

Tip: Need to collect waiver sign-offs? Adding them as a Question where folks can click a button to "Agree" or type their name in as a digital signature is a great way to streamline the collection of that information!

Upsells - Add additional costs or add-on options, like merchandise, donations, etc. as options for your registrants to pay for at registration.

Step 6: Add a new season

  • Once your program is set up, add a new season with this year's information.

  • Choose +Season and enter the season name and dates of play. Describe the season, choose whether or not your season shows on the program page, and select the registration status (live, hidden, or disabled).

Step 7: Navigate through season options to complete the setup, including:

Settings - Similar to the program settings, these season settings allow you to adjust any initial info you added when creating the season.

Sign Ups - Your registration report with all of the data collected from players at registration.

Teams - Add your teams when ready. This does not need to be completed before you go live with registration. For more information about creating and rostering your teams, view our help page here.

Age Levels - Enter the different age levels that will be a part of this program. This will group your participants and help to classify your teams.

Prices - Add the prices for your registration, including standard prices, custom prices, offers, and discount codes.

Documents - Add required documents for folks to upload through registration or when rostered.

Step 8: Save and publish

  • Once you've completed the setup, you can adjust your "Registration Status" to Live and start accepting registrations. You can always go back and make changes or updates as needed.

By following these simple steps, you can create a new Program and Season to get started with your registrations. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at or chat with us directly from your Crossbar site!

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