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Creating & Rostering Your Teams
Creating & Rostering Your Teams
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Creating Teams:

When you're ready to create and roster your teams, you'll navigate to the Season of the Registration where the players joining the team will be signed up. Here, you'll navigate to the "Teams" tab, where you'll choose "+New Team" to create your first team if you haven't already.

When adding a new team, you'll be able to choose the following options:

  • Type: Here you can choose either "Team" or "Group" depending on what you are setting up. Teams are most commonly used for the full-season, while Groups are commonly used for things like Position Groups, Skills Clinics, etc. The difference between Teams & Groups is that Groups will not have access to team contact info, the team feed, or the team chat on the app, & the Roster will not who in the app for a Group. Groups & Teams are scheduled the same way.

  • Age Level: Here you'll choose from Age Levels added to the "Age Levels" section of the season for a Program Registration or the "Divisions" section of the season for a League Registration.

  • Skill Level: Here you'll choose the Skill Level of your team; if you do not see the Skill Level you need listed, please reach out to with the skill level needed, and we'll get that added.

  • Team Name: Enter the name for your team.

  • Team Abbreviation: Enter the abbreviation to show for this team when needed.

  • Scheduling Details: Enter the Touches & Allocation for the team, if needed, as well as an upload code (this is used with the Scheduler, and we'll generate an upload code if you do not have a specific code in mind) and scheduling limitations.

Rostering Teams:

Once your team has been created and you're ready to Roster, you'll select the "Team Roster" icon on the Team that you're ready to Roster:

Once selected, you'll be able to pick the players you'd like to Roster to that team by checking the box next to their name. The players that show will default to the Age Level assigned to that team, but you can override this to roster players up or down an age group by changing the Age Level shown in the drop down:

When the players are selected and ready to be Rostered, you can choose "Roster" on the bottom navigation bar. If you need to utilize the Send Offer option for Programs that have tryouts, please view our page on the Offer system for more.

After you select "Roster" you'll be able to now see those players listed in the "Current Roster" section of that team. If you need to move a player to a different team or remove the player from the team roster, you can do so by selecting the trash can icon next to their name.

Tip: You can roster a player to more than one team at a time!

Tip: Players do need to be signed up in the same season where the teams are created in order to be rostered to that team. Players are not eligible to be rostered to teams across different programs.

If you have further questions not answered here, please reach out to us at or send us a chat, and we'll be happy to provide further assistance!

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