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Choosing the Correct Registration Type
Choosing the Correct Registration Type
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When you create a registration on Crossbar, you now have a Registration Wizard that guides you through a couple of questions to ensure you are selecting the right type of registration.

First, you'll choose who the registration is for:

  • Athletes: Individual athletes getting registered for the program/season.

  • Teams: A contact (coach, captain or team manager) registers the team for that program/season.

  • Coaches & Staff: Individual members/staff getting registered for the program/season.

Next, you'll choose what folks will be registering for.

For Athletes:

  • Full Season, Camp or Tryouts: This registration type is best for a program that spans more than one day, like a full season (with or without tryouts), a camp or a multi-week session series.

  • House League: Best for in-house leagues where all athletes registered will compete against each other throughout the season. Choose this option if will be forming more than one team in at least one age division, where the teams formed compete against each other.

  • Individual Class, Lesson or Session: This registration type allows athletes to register for specific dates & times of sessions offered. This is most helpful for individual & group lessons, drop-ins, or skills clinics.

  • Auto-Renewing Membership: This is most helpful for registrations where the registrant will pay a monthly-renewing, annual-renewing or one-time membership fee.

For Teams:

  • Tournament: Designed for Tournament hosting where teams can register to participate.

  • League: If you are accepting team registrations for a full-season league, this is the correct option to choose.

Once you select the answers, you'll be taken to the correct type of registration to start building for your organization! If you have questions, please reach out to us at for more!

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