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Moving a Player Registration
Moving a Player Registration
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In cases where a player registers for one Program & Season but needs to be moved to a different Program & Season, you've got full control in your Dashboard.

To do this, you'll start in the Sign Ups section of the Season where the player initially registered:

Here, you'll select the player in question's details and from their registration page, you'll choose "Move Registration."

This will prompt you to pick what season you'd like to move the player to. Once selected, you'll be prompted to choose a Price option of the new season to associate this player with.

Important Note: Associating the player with the new price will not auto-charge that price or auto-discount the price; no changes to the player's finances will occur until they are manually added to the player's registration details.

You'll also need to choose answers to any required registration questions for the new Program & Season.

Once completed, your player will be successfully moved. If any financial changes need to be made, like a refund or new charge to account for the difference in cost of the new Program & Season in which the player will participate, you can now make those changes directly to the player's registration page.

For more information or additional assistance with moving a registration, reach out to us at!

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