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9.1.2023 - Role Assignments in the Mobile App
9.1.2023 - Role Assignments in the Mobile App
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With our latest update to the Crossbar Mobile app, coaches and team staff are now able to assign contacts on their team to specific Roles for events. We hope this will help make game day even easier for teams and parents!

In the app (make sure you have v. 20.0.0 installed) and on the Team Schedule, Team Staff will choose "Add Assignments" on their Game or Event record:

Once opened, they'll be able to name the type of Assignment they're adding, like Scorekeeper, Clock, Snacks, etc.:

Then once the Assignment Role is named, the team staff can add a contact to be assigned using the green +:

Once a contact on that team is assigned, that will show on the Assignment, the Game Record, and on that individual's calendar.

For questions, please reach out to!

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