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Importing League Schedules
Importing league schedules to your team page.
Importing league schedules to your team page.

We support importing your game schedule from many league websites. Learn how here.

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As a team manager you can save time by automatically importing your team's game schedule from your league website. This import is done using an iCal feed provided by your league website.

Step 1: Copy your iCal Feed URL

Finding the iCal URL for your league depends on what product your league is using. Click here if you need help identifying what product your league website uses.

Visit the correct support page to copy your iCal feed URL and then continue to Step 2 below.

Need to import from a product not listed here? Contact support and we may be able to help.

Step 2: Add the iCal feed to your team

  1. On your organization's Crossbar powered website, go to your team page.

  2. Click Games in the team navigation.

  3. Click +Import

  4. Paste the URL for your team in the field provided.


  1. You must be on the team staff to set up league imports.

  2. Schedules are imported nightly, so changes may take up to 24 hours to import.

  3. To manually import updates, click the Refresh icon on the Imports page.

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