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Setting up a Waitlist
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The recommended way to set up a waitlist for one of your registrations is by creating a new pricing named 'Add to Waitlist' that is a free registration without any cost associated.

If you have multiple pricing options that will fill up at different times, then we recommend that you simply have the 'Add to Waitlist' option enabled at all times. Alternatively, you could set up a Waitlist option for each of your pricing options that you manually enable once that pricing option is sold out.

Registering Wait-Listed Players

When you are ready to register a wait-listed player, keep in mind that if registration is enabled and you create openings, any user can register and take those open spots. You can avoid this by:

  1. Setting registration to hidden and sending the wait-listed player a link directly to the registration page (not the Program information page). You can get this link by copying the URL from the chain-link icon next to the Season name on your Programs page.

  2. Creating a custom pricing for wait-listed players.

Another thing to keep in mind is that players who register for your wait-list will be listed in 'Already Registered' when they return to register for the season. Because of this, we recommend ensuring your Program Settings are set to "Allow multiple registrations per participant" before prior to inviting them to register:

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