Uploading Time Slots
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The first step of managing your club's schedule is to upload a spreadsheet with the time slots assigned via your facility.

The Excel spreadsheet uploaded needs the following information:

  1. Facility (i.e. Metro RecPlex)

  2. Rink OR Court OR Field (i.e. South)

  3. Date (i.e. 10/12/2019)

  4. Start Time (i.e. 8:00 PM)

  5. End Time (i.e. 9:00 PM) - OR - Duration in Minutes (i.e. 60)

Team Assignments (Optional)

While we recommend using our scheduler to do your team assignments, your spreadsheet may also include as many as 20 team assignments on each time slot.

Use columns 'Team1' through 'Team20' to include teams using the pre-defined team Upload Codes (more information below). You may also add an 'Opponent' column to designate a specific time slot as a game.

Uploading your Spreadsheet

  1. Log into your club's website and click Dashboard at the top of the page.

  2. Click Schedule in the left column.
    โ€‹If you do not see Schedule, then the user you are logged in as does not have Scheduling permissions for that club.

  3. Click Upload. If you are uploading your spreadsheet with team assignments, your pre-defined Upload Codes are available towards the bottom of this page.

  4. Click 'Select File' and select your prepared spreadsheet.

  5. Click Upload.

  6. In the pop-up, select a value to match with each of your spreadsheets.

  7. Complete the Upload.

Once our upload is complete, review the results. If the values listed do not match your file, then you may want to roll back and try again. If you are sure your values are formatted correctly (important for dates!) and that you matched the columns correctly, then please contact support.

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