Utilizing the Offer System

In our registration system, offers are a way to automate a follow-up registration for a subset of players in your registration.    Some common uses of this feature may be:

  1. Tryout Programs. You may have 50 registrations for tryouts and then pick 20 of those players.   Your regular registration would be for the tryout cost and then you'd use our offer system to collect payment for the season.

  2. Team-Based Pricing.  Perhaps you have four 12U teams, but your top one has a higher cost.  In this case, your season registration would typically be for the full season amount of your bottom 3 teams and then you would use an offer to collect the extra cost from the players rostered on your top team.

How to use offers?

Before sending out an offer, you must set up the following:

  1. Offer Pricing - From your season pricing tab, scroll down to the Offers section.  From here, create all of the offers that you would be sending out.

  2. (Optional) Questions & Upsells - From the Questions & Upsell tabs, you can now configure whether or not you want a Question or an Upsell to be asked at initial registration or when accepting an offer.

  3. (Optional) Documents - In addition to requiring documents at registration and when rostered, you now have a new option to require them when accepting an offer.

Once that is completed, you're ready to send out offers.    

  1. Players must be registered for your season to send them an offer.

  2. Go the teams tab for your season.

  3. Click on the rostering icon next to the specific team.

  4. Select players in the left column and then click the Offer button at the bottom.

  5. Select the offer you wish to send an optionally enter a note.  Then send your offer.

At this point, you will be redirected back to the team rostering page.  Here you will see your list of pending offers and the current roster, which includes players who have accepted an offer.    This information is also available on your registration report, where we display all accepted, rejected and pending offers.

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